Archive | November 2012

Maxillaria lankesteri

This cute little miniature is about the size of my Maxillaria uncata, with a less sprawling growth habit.  It’s another recent acquisition for Parkside, so I can’t say yet how often per year it’ll bloom.  The uncata blooms on and off throughout the year, with no particular seasonality.  The blooms on lankesteri are similar in size and color (a little less white) to uncata, but with a more open appearance.

Polystacha paniculata

This plant is a recent acquisition from Parkside.  It was in the greenhouse where they keep the ones that prefer low light, although it was in a spot that got a  bit more light than most of the massies.  Judging from the humidity levels in that particular greenhouse, and the bit of moss growing on the bark mix, I’d guess it doesn’t like to go dry for too long, especially given its monopodial growth habit.  I have yet to look it up on Jay Pfahl’s site, but will later.