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Barkeria melanocaulon

Here’s its 2013 winter bloom.  It’s not spectacular, but it keeps defying the “experts” who claim it won’t bloom unless you stop watering it altogether, and leave it to die for a few months every winter.

I keep reading from species “experts” about how these are deciduous, and should be left to go completely dormant, “OR ELSE THEY WON’T BLOOM AT ALL FOR YOU.  HEED MY EXPERIENCE AT YOUR PERIL.”  they say.

Mine does fine with a few root dunkings over winter.  As long as its growing, I’m not going to completely cut off its water supply.

My Cuitlauzina pendula does do better with no water between Christmas and May Day, but that’s the only orchid I own that has to undergo a “no water” policy for months at a time.  Wilford Neptune told me that, and it works.  His advice was no water between Christmas and May Day, but our conditions differ a little, so jumping the gun here by a week or two really doesn’t hurt, as far as I can tell.


Barkeria melanocaulon

I’ve had this for years.  It blooms reliably every late-fall into winter.  Some people swear they should be allowed to drop their leaves and go dormant for a few months in order to bloom the following year.  I just keep watering the thing as long as it has leaves, and have never had it not bloom off the previous summer’s new growth.  Your mileage may vary.