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Epidendrum coriifolium

This Epidendrum is virtually indestructible.  It is possible to sunburn the leaves, if after a winter indoors, it isn’t moved to a semi-shady spot for a week or so before being given near full sun.  In summer, I hang it on a rose pillar.

Epi. Holy Valley x Miracle Valley ‘Usbeni’

This is one of my few complex hybrids.  Like any other Epidendrum, it doesn’t like to get dry for too long, but doesn’t like it soggy, either.  What seems to work for me is that I repot them into diatomite when I get them.  It works a lot like PrimeAgra clay aggregate, keeping moisture around the roots, while allowing air around them.

Epidendrum radicans

These are only picky about one thing — water.  Those of us who live in temperate climates can’t just plant them outside.  So, they need water.  Less than a pleuro, stan, or gongora, but you get the idea.