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Maxillaria camaridii

This is a recent acquisition from Kawamoto, so I can’t take credit for this bloom.  It’s smells wonderful, but not overly cloying.  I can smell it from a few feet away, but it doesn’t fill an entire room with its scent.  I’m not positive about culture just yet, but I would think it’s one that isn’t going to have fits if it’s overwatered.  Although I don’t have many Maxillarias, the ones I do have seem to prefer what I consider to be a lot of water — compared to a Cattleya, anyway, although they don’t seem to need to sit in like Phaiuses or Phragmipediums.

Maxillaria uncata

Like most Maxillarias, this like a fair amount of water.  However, it doesn’t need much light.  Although it’s a miniature, it does grow pretty fast, and will sprawl out a bit over time.  The needle-like leaves are about 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ long.  It blooms several times a year, with no real seasonality.

Maxillaria uncata

I’ve had this miniature species for years.  It likes it wet, with bright shade, and will bloom repeatedly throughout the year.

Maxillaria lankesteri

This cute little miniature is about the size of my Maxillaria uncata, with a less sprawling growth habit.  It’s another recent acquisition for Parkside, so I can’t say yet how often per year it’ll bloom.  The uncata blooms on and off throughout the year, with no particular seasonality.  The blooms on lankesteri are similar in size and color (a little less white) to uncata, but with a more open appearance.