Archive | October 2012

Stellamizutaara Kelly ‘Lea’

This is complex hybrid Cattleya that likes as much sun as I can give it.  It summers outdoors where it gets full sun, which seems to be enough to charge it up to bloom two or three times a year.  Overall, it’s been a very reliable bloomer that prefers to not be overwatered during the cold winter months, but otherwise isn’t picky.

Christensonia vietnamica

Last year was its first bloom, with one measly flower.  This year, it spiked with three buds, none of which blasted before opening.  Evidently, bright indoors light with direct afternoon sun is enough for it.  It’s a miniature vandaceous orchid.

New Home

Here’s a new beginning with a new web host.  The old host was a pain to use, and there was something about an ancient database version that wouldn’t allow me to upgrade my version of WordPress.  I’ll get around to uploading orchid images later.