Archive | June 2013

Pleurothallis Species from Jamaica

We don’t know what this is, other than a species Pleurothallis from Jamaica.  The leaves are only 1″ long, and narrow.  The flowers open sort of a cranberry red, and are only about 1/8″ from top to bottom.  They open to about 45° to 60°, as viewed from the side.  It’s quite happy in the shade, staying nice and wet, along with my Stelises.

Epi. Holy Valley x Miracle Valley ‘Usbeni’

This is one of my few complex hybrids.  Like any other Epidendrum, it doesn’t like to get dry for too long, but doesn’t like it soggy, either.  What seems to work for me is that I repot them into diatomite when I get them.  It works a lot like PrimeAgra clay aggregate, keeping moisture around the roots, while allowing air around them.