Archive | March 2014

Phragmipedium Sedenii

This is a primary hybrid of schlimii and longifolium.  As such, the flowers can vary, sometimes significantly from one plant to another.  Lots of water — it prefers to sit in it without going dry for any length of time.  Moderate light (sunny windowsill is fine) or semi-shade if outdoors or in a greenhouse for the summer.

Stenosarcos Vanguard ‘Red Stripe’

This hybrid is a terrestrial.  The nice thing about it is the silvery variegated leaves that look pretty even when it’s not blooming.

Cochleanthes discolor

This one smells heavenly up close, but unlike a Brassavola, will not fill a room with its scent.  Like other Cochleanthes and related, it needs a lot of water.  I pretty much keep it sitting in half an inch of water, or top it off to there if it’s getting low.  If you let it sit dry for too long, the leaves will “accordion.”

Epidendrum coriifolium

This Epidendrum is virtually indestructible.  It is possible to sunburn the leaves, if after a winter indoors, it isn’t moved to a semi-shady spot for a week or so before being given near full sun.  In summer, I hang it on a rose pillar.