Archive | September 2014

Maxillaria camaridii

This is a recent acquisition from Kawamoto, so I can’t take credit for this bloom.  It’s smells wonderful, but not overly cloying.  I can smell it from a few feet away, but it doesn’t fill an entire room with its scent.  I’m not positive about culture just yet, but I would think it’s one that isn’t going to have fits if it’s overwatered.  Although I don’t have many Maxillarias, the ones I do have seem to prefer what I consider to be a lot of water — compared to a Cattleya, anyway, although they don’t seem to need to sit in like Phaiuses or Phragmipediums.

Cochleanthes Amazing

This plant is a primary hybrid of amazonica and flabelliformis.  Supposedly, it blooms from late winter to early spring.  Mine’s blooming right now, in late summer.  It likes medium light, and really does prefer to sit in water.  If I neglect to top off the water for more than a few days, any new growth gets “accordioned,” some of which you can see in the pictures.  This one blooms pretty reliably for me.  The flower has a very pleasant smell, but isn’t strong enough to fill the air more than a foot or so around it.

Christensonia vietnamica

This miniature vandaceous blooms reliably every summer, given a front row seat in a kitchen garden window, and moderate watering.  This year, it pumped out two spikes, with two buds on each.