Archive | November 2015

Phragmipedium Schroederae

Like all phrags, this likes to sit in a pan of water, and receive moderate light.  Phrags do tend to grow like weeds, given ample water.

Polystacha paniculata

This one likes moderate light, and to stay pretty wet to avoid accordion leaves on new growth.  It’s a very reliable bloomer that has bloomed on every new growth over the past few years since I got it.  This particular bloom is a little past its prime, with a couple of branches dried and brown, but most are still blooming.  I believe this is the second time this one has bloomed in 2015.

Cochleanthes Amazing

This likes a lot of water — as in sitting in it is fine.  Otherwise, the new growth comes in accordioned.  It’s an ultra-reliable bloomer.  Seldom does it have more than one flower open at a time, but it’s not unusual to have one open flower and another bud or two on the way.  Moderate light is fine, as for a Phragmipedium.