Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom ‘Carmela’

This miniature primary hybrid (Ascocentrum ampullaceum x Neofinetia falcate) is a very reliable bloomer for me.  I like it so much that I have two of them.  The one that’s currently blooming has one spike this year, had two last year, one the year before, etc.  The other one currently has two spikes that look as though they’re going to bloom within a week or so.

They seem to be really happy on the upper shelf of my garden window in the kitchen, so I see no reason to move them outdoors or into the greenhouse when we get it built.  They don’t seem to need as much light as most full sized vandas do, and are quite temperature tolerant.  I’ve read that some people get them to bloom more than once a year, but mine never have; they always do it in late winter or early spring.

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