Leptotes bicolor

This miniature orchid blooms once a year, anywhere from late March to May for me.  The blooms last a couple of weeks.  It’s fairly reliable, but I only got one flower this year, which is a bit disappointing.  I keep it indoors, but it would probably do fine outside for the summer in bright shade, or with limited early morning or late afternoon direct sun.  It’s really not all that picky about how much or little water it gets.  Humidity levels vary significantly in my house from season to season, and it doesn’t seem to care much one way or another.  Since this one’s mounted on cork, it’s impossible to overwater.  I’ve seen them in terra cotta pots, too, with either a fine bark mix, or finely chopped coconut husk.

Physothallis cyllindrica

This one likes a dribble of water once or twice a week, but isn’t too insistent on it.  I’d say light levels are moderate to high for windowsill conditions.  Like most other things you’d find in the pleuro section, it likes humidity.  The leaves are paddle-like, and thick.  It’s a seriously reliable bloomer for me.  It keikis off of old leaves, and every newly mature one spurts out a spike.  The spike blooms from the bottom up, in succession, but it’s rare to see more than 4-6 blooms per spike open at once.

It started out this year with four spikes, then five, then six, then seven.  Obviously, it’s happy right where I have it.


New Home

Here’s a new beginning with a new web host.  The old host was a pain to use, and there was something about an ancient database version that wouldn’t allow me to upgrade my version of WordPress.  I’ll get around to uploading orchid images later.