Dendrobium rigidum

This Australian native, also known as Dockrillia rigida, is almost bullet-proof.  It blooms two or three times a year for me, whenever new leaves mature.  It’s not picky about water, neither quality nor quantity, given its succulent growth habit.  It spends the summer outdoors, and gets as much sun as I can give it indoors the rest of the year.  As long as some of the leaves take on a bit of a purple tinge, I know it’s getting enough light to bloom.  The largest leaves are a little over 1/2″ long.  The cranberry striped creamy flowers are about 1/4″ front to back.

One thought on “Dendrobium rigidum

  1. These epiphytes are super easy to plant in tpraicol areas. Just toss one into the crevasse where a large limb meets a trunk, add natural rain water, and viola, you have an orchid garden! Fresh Market used to have a program (and perhaps still does)that allowed you to exchange any orchid that you purchased there for a similar plant that’s in bloom.

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