Dendrobium rigidum

This Dendrobium is also known as Dockrillia rigida.  It’s native to Australia.  This is one of my most reliable bloomers, blooming on and off throughout the year.  The flowers are only about 1/4″ across, crystalline white with nice cranberry colored stripes, in clusters from 2-6 flowers.  Whenever a new leaf has finish growing, it pumps out a new spike.  As the plant matures and spreads, the largest leaves will get to be about an inch long.  It’s very tolerant of temperature and watering schedule variations, however, it does grow best when allowed to dry before giving it a soak.  Mine happens to be mounted on some sort of wood plank, but I’ve seen them potted in clay, too.  They like a fair amount of light, but if the leaves take on a purple tinge, they’re at the high end of the light range they can tolerate.  They don’t need to go purplish to bloom, but it doesn’t hurt.

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