Neostylis Pinky ‘Starry Night’

Neostylis Pinky is a primary hybrid of Neofinetia falcata and Rhychostylis gigantea.  I’ve had it for several years.  Each year it puts out two spikes, but this is the first year I haven’t had them blast on me, probably because I waited until it was a little further along with the spikes before I rewarded it with water.  It has a pleasant scent, sort of like a floral scented soap.  There is the soapy afterscent, but the initial impression is floral.


Vanda lamellata v. remediosae

This little plant is quite a champ.  Every year at this time, it pumps out one or two spikes with lovely lemon scented flowers.  This year was no disappointment.

Maxillaria camaridii

This is a recent acquisition from Kawamoto, so I can’t take credit for this bloom.  It’s smells wonderful, but not overly cloying.  I can smell it from a few feet away, but it doesn’t fill an entire room with its scent.  I’m not positive about culture just yet, but I would think it’s one that isn’t going to have fits if it’s overwatered.  Although I don’t have many Maxillarias, the ones I do have seem to prefer what I consider to be a lot of water — compared to a Cattleya, anyway, although they don’t seem to need to sit in like Phaiuses or Phragmipediums.

Cochleanthes Amazing

This plant is a primary hybrid of amazonica and flabelliformis.  Supposedly, it blooms from late winter to early spring.  Mine’s blooming right now, in late summer.  It likes medium light, and really does prefer to sit in water.  If I neglect to top off the water for more than a few days, any new growth gets “accordioned,” some of which you can see in the pictures.  This one blooms pretty reliably for me.  The flower has a very pleasant smell, but isn’t strong enough to fill the air more than a foot or so around it.

Christensonia vietnamica

This miniature vandaceous blooms reliably every summer, given a front row seat in a kitchen garden window, and moderate watering.  This year, it pumped out two spikes, with two buds on each.

Howeara Lava Burst ‘Puanani’

Another extremely reliable oncidium intergeneric thst can bloom more than once a year.  Most pseudobulbs put out two or even three spikes when they mature.  If I get only one spike per pseudobulb, I probably left it dry for too long at some point.  This currently has three spikes on one pseudobulb, although as others mature, I expect more spikes to emerge over the summer.  Last year, as successive bloom cycles overlapped a bit, it was in bloom for a good seven months.  The spikes also branch, so the branches will often start blooming after the main spike’s starting to fade.

Stelis viridipurpurea

Stelises do like to stay moist, if not actually soggy, but are not as picky about temperature fluctuations as Masdevallias, and deal with the summer heat better.  The leaves on this are about 3-4″ long; it’s a miniature, but not a micro-mini like morganii or micrantha.  It’s another reliable bloomer, as long as it isn’t allowed to dry out.

Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom ‘Carmela’

I have two of these miniature vandaceous hybrids.  both are currently in bloom with two spikes each.  They receive direct afternoon sun in a garden window, but don’t need as much light as typical full size vandas, so there’s no need to summer them outdoors.  They’re extremely reliable bloomers for me.  At worst, one of them will only have one spike; they usually put out two this time of year.


Aspasia principissa

This member of the oncidium family has been a reliable bloomer over the years, with no special treatment.