Pleurothallis costaricensis

As the name suggest, this species is native to Costa Rica.  Mine’s a relatively recent acquisition that has already bloomed several times for me.  It’s mounted on cork, unfortunately, which means i have to water it nearly every day.  Tree fern would have been a better mounting material for a home growing environment.  I finally got fed up with the watering schedule, stuffed the whole thing, mount and all in a pot, and packed sphagnum moss around it.  We’ll see how that does.  Shady and moist, as with any other Pleurothallis.  Some direct sun is okay in the morning or late afternoon.  The flowers are pumpkin orange.  The leaves are a little over an inch long, which gives you an idea of how small the flowers are.  Part of the attraction of this plant for me is the multi-spiking habit, with on-off blooming throughout the year.  It doesn’t have a rest period, so whenever leaves mature, they spike.

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